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Alfredo J. Artiles

Stanford University

Alfredo J. Artiles is Professor of Education at Stanford University. His interdisciplinary scholarship examines the paradoxes of educational equity and their consequences in two contexts, namely disability intersections with other sociocultural differences (e.g., race, language, social class, gender) and the implementation of inclusive education across contexts and scales. His work also examines teacher learning for social justice. Dr. Artiles directs the Equity Alliance and was elected AERA Vice President to lead its Social Context of Education Division. He is a member of the National Academy of Education (NAEd), an AERA Fellow, and a former Spencer Foundation/NAEd Postdoctoral Fellow. He served on the White House Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics and was a Fellow at Stanford’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. Awards include AERA Presidential Citation; AERA Review of Research Award; Mentoring Awards from AERA, The Spencer Foundation, and ASU; Honorary Professor at the University of Birmingham (UK); and the Palmer O. Johnson Award. Artiles edits the Teachers College Press book series “Disability, Culture, & Equity.” 

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