Research-Based Options for Education Policymaking - 2016 Collection (Latest Mini-Brief: August 23, 2016)

The full text of each mini-brief is posted below.

Research-Based Options for Education Policymaking is a collection of mini-briefs that takes up important policy issues and identifies policies supported by research. Each mini-brief focuses on a different issue, and its recommendations for policymakers are based on the latest scholarship. 

At a time of growing national recognition of the need for a policy shift to more successful approaches to school reform, this collection of mini-briefs identifies affirmative, research-based approaches to reform in areas including school choice, portfolio district reform, and teacher deprofessionalization.

Mini-briefs in this series are: Regulating Charter Schools; The Effectiveness of Class Size Reduction; Does Money Matter?; The Purpose of Education: Truing the Balance Wheel; Housing Policy; Five Simple Steps to Reading Policy Research; Reading Qualitative Educational Policy Research; Do Choice Policies Segregate Schools?; The "Portfolio" Approach to School District Governance; Reversing the Deprofessionalization of Teaching; School Accountability, Multiple Measures and Inspectorates in a Post-NCLB World.

Regulating Charter Schools
The Effectiveness of Class Size Reduction
Does Money Matter?
The Purpose of Education: Truing the Balance Wheel
Housing Policy
Five Simple Steps to Reading Policy Research
Reading Qualitative Educational Policy Research
The “Portfolio” Approach to School District Governance
Do Choice Policies Segregate Schools?
Reversing the Deprofessionalization of Teaching
School Accountability, Multiple Measures and Inspectorates in a Post-NCLB World