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Think Twice Think Tank Reviews are expert third-party reviews of selected think tank publications. Using academic peer review standards, reviewers consider the quality and defensibility of a report's assumptions, methods, findings, and recommendations. Written in non-academic language, reviews are intended to help policy makers, reporters, and others assess the social science merit of a reviewed report and to judge its value in guiding policy.

The following Education Week commentaries explain the purpose of the Think Twice Think Tank Review Project:

Truthiness in Education: Why the Bunkum Awards Were Created

At a time when America’s education policymakers have nominally embraced the idea of tying school reform to "scientifically based research," many of the nation’s most influential reports are little more than junk science. A hodgepodge of private "think tanks" at both the state and national levels wield significant and very often undeserved influence in policy discussions by cranking out an array of well-funded and slickly produced – yet ideologically driven – research... Click here for the complete article.

The Privatization Infatuation

In 2007, the second year of our Think Tank Review Project (, we reviewed 18 think tank reports about education policy. Time after time, our reviewers identified analyses that led inexorably to a privatization prescription. Even reports that offered a reasonable analysis of the No Child Left Behind Act or the dropout problem suddenly and groundlessly identified as the key policy implication of their findings the need for vouchers or other forms of privatization... Click here for the complete article.


"This is such a valuable service that you folks provide.  I use your reviews in all of my classes.  I can talk about the policy process until I’m blue in the face, but when I give them the original report to read, and then the review from your shop, they begin to see the construction of a policy position in a way I could never explain it otherwise.  I just saw the new one come into my email, and I want to send a quick note telling you how very much I appreciate the work you do and how valuable I think your reviews of the “think tanks” papers are."

·  Purdue University Professor William D. McInerney



NON SEQUITUR (c) 2007 Wiley Miller. Dist. By UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

NON SEQUITUR (c) 2007 Wiley Miller. Dist. By UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.