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Kevin Cokley

University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Kevin Cokley is Director of the Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis and a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and the Department of African and African Diaspora Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. The research of Dr. Kevin Cokley encompasses numerous facets of African American psychology. Specifically, Dr. Cokley researches racial and ethnic identity development and correlates of academic achievement such as academic self-concept and academic motivation. He is author of the book The Myth of Black Anti-Intellectualism: A True Psychology of African American Students. Dr. Cokley directs his research to critically re-examine the impact of racial and ethnic identity and gender on academic achievement. In addition to his extensive background in academic research, Dr. Cokley serves as the Editor-in-Chief for The Journal of Black Psychology. He is also an affiliate of the University of Texas at Austin Warfield @Center for African and African American Studies.