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Joanna Goode

University of Oregon

Dr. Joanna Goode is an Associate Professor of Education Studies at the University of Oregon whose scholarship focuses on teacher education and inclusive computer science education. As a former mathematics and computer science high school teacher in an urban high school, she approaches her research with a deep appreciation of how pedagogy, curriculum, and schooling policies converge to influence student learning opportunities. Her NSF-sponsored research examines how large-scale reforms in computer science education can provide innovative opportunities for learning while simultaneously introducing new challenges to equity and inclusion in computing classrooms. Dr. Goode led the development of the equity-focused Exploring Computer Science high school curriculum and professional development program. Dr. Goode has authored multiple journal articles, chapters, and is co-author the book, Stuck in the Shallow End: Education, Race, and Computing (MIT Press, 2008/2017).

Dr. Goode can be reached at: