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Ted Hamann

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Edmund ’Ted’ Hamann is a Professor of Education Policy and Practice for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. An anthropologist, he studies the interfaces between education policy and practice, particularly those related to changing school demographics. This includes considering the experiences and trajectories of students in Mexico who were previously in the US. It also includes his work in what he and co-authors have termed the ’New Latin@ Diaspora’, referencing those US states and communities where the presence of significant Latinx populations post-dates the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act and, often, the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA). His third co-edited book on this topic, Teaching and Learning in the New Latino Diaspora: Creating Culturally Responsive Practice, is forthcoming on Teachers College Press. He has long-studied school reform initiatives, including the roles of state departments of education in such efforts and their inclusion/exclusion of English Learners. He helped craft the first draft of Lincoln (Neb.) High School’s successful application to be recognized in 2018 as a ‘Gold’ School of Opportunity. He has twice been a visiting professor in Mexico and was a Fulbright Garcia-Robles US Scholar there. He began his career as a bilingual family reading teacher. In 2020 he became an AERA Fellow. 

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