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Richard R. Valencia

University of Texas at Austin

Richard R. Valencia is Professor of Educational Psychology and Faculty Associate of the Center for Mexican American Studies at The University of Texas at Austin.  He is also Fellow in the Lee Hage Jamail Regents Chair in Education.  Dr. Valencia’s area of scholarly specialization is racial/ethnic minority education, with a particular focus on Mexican Americans (educational history; testing/assessment issues; social thought; demographic trends; educational litigation; intellectual/academic test performance; educational policy).  Dr. Valencia’s honors include the 2001 Distinguished Career Contribution Award, awarded by the American Educational Research Association, and the 2001 Distinguished Faculty Award from the Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education.  During his career, Dr. Valencia has served as an expert witness for plaintiffs of color in a number of education lawsuits, most recently in the 2006 federal-level Santamaria v. Dallas Independent School District segregation case in which the plaintiffs prevailed.

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