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Bronx Teacher Planning To Go on Hunger Strike Tomorrow

Some of you may be familiar with SouthBronxSchool. One of the earliest blogs I came across when I entered the blogging world. He is often harsh on Twitter and on his blog posts, but as many may agree, can we blame him? As many teachers understand, they have people who have never entered a classroom telling them what to do, telling them what is best for their students.

It makes no sense, but that is one of the reasons we fight for better.

Recently his school, PS 154, was put on the closure list for this year. He plans to start his hunger strike tomorrow.

I’ve thought long and hard about it. On the night of January 1, 2013 I will eat my last meal for a while. As soon as the clock strikes midnight I will officially be on a hunger strike to keep PS 154x from closing and to keep it out of the hands of the Empire. Also, to keep the bogus evaluation system to take place. I’ll add other causes. But that is all for now. I’ll be drinking plenty of water.

A movement needs to happen.


I most certainly believe in taking measures to bring attention to injustices, but I also believe there may be another way to go about this. Maybe others are joining him? I am not sure. Maybe there’s a way organize the students and other teachers to take collective action. I have great respect for SouthBronxSchool, but I only hope he is not going about this alone. One of the comments that sticks out to me the most on his post:

How can you teach on an empty stomach? It is important for a teacher to be on the top of his or her game, especially when teaching children in poverty.

Please reconsider this action

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