Have You Heard: The Data Boyz: What *Counts* in Education Research?

As the latest episode of Have You Heard explores, the issue of what *counts* in education research is the subject of a heated debate. We invite economist Jesse Rothstein into the podcast studio to talk us through the rise of the *data boyz*: quantitative researchers who increasingly determine what matters. Rothstein talks VAM, physics envy, and what gets missed when education research only counts what can be counted. And here’s a link to the story we reference about the Louisiana legislators having it out over the question of whether New Orleans’ charter school experiment is a success.

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Jennifer Berkshire

Jennifer Berkshire is a freelance journalist and public education advocate. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, the Baffler, Salon, Alternate, the Progressive, and Bloomberg EDU.

Jack Schneider

Jack Schneider is an Assistant Professor of Leadership in Education at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and the author of three books, the latest of which is Beyond Test Scores: A Better Way to Measure School Quality. He co-hosts the education policy podcast Have You Heard.