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Market-Based Think Tank Opposes Common Core

Ohanian Comment: The Washington Policy Center (WPC) is "an independent, non-profit, non-partisan think tank [located in Washington State] that promotes sound public policy based on free-market solutions." Free-market solutions include working with ALEC. The Center for Education is one of six centers at WPC. Liv Finne, Center Director, has written a series of essays exhibiting a steady opposition to the Common Core. They are worth reading. Also worth noting is the fact that that this market-based think tank takes such a studied opposition to the Common Core while our teacher unions embrace the Common Core and our professional organizations offer books and webinars to profit from it. 

Here are a few headlines--with hot links: 

Federal takeover of instruction will cost Washington state more than $300 million--new exit strategy for states emerges 

How Washington lawmakers can save $300 million: Cancel the Common Core Standards…; Why the Common Core is Bad for America 

Brookings Institution warns that faith in new Common Core curricula is misplaced 

Common Core standards turn the study of English into a grinding chore (This one features an essay by an Emory University professor of English.) 

Cost of Common Core Standards will be $800 million in California, $300 million in Washington state 

Common Core Standards allow Washington state to supplement only 15% of curriculum standards 

Common Core central planners strike again: 'Let us tell you how to teach' 

There is plenty more at the website. 

Again I ask the question: Where are the unions? Where are the professional organizations? Where are the teachers?

— Liv Finne
Washinton Policy Center, Center for Education
August 10, 2012

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