NC Teacher: This Is How Democracy Ends

Kris Neilsen wrote an amazing post (“NC Teacher: I Quit“) a few months back, which was opened by 150,000 people, at a minimum.

He continues to teach and to write. He has recently written a series called “This Is How Democracy Ends.” In this post, he expresses his profound opposition to the Common Core State Standards.

He believes that the corporate reform movement has foisted the Common Core standards on the schools, with the expectation that scores will fall, reinforcing their claim that American public education is a failure:

He writes: “This fits nicely with the ongoing onslaught that StudentsFirst, TFA, Bill Gates, The Broad Foundation, the Walton family, and Democrats for Education Reform have sustained. As Kentucky schools showed recently, the mix of new standardized tests and the Common Core leads to dismal school failure. How many more schools, districts, and states will see the same problems? How long will it take for teachers and schools to be the ultimate scapegoat of those failures? How long will it take for bad policy to remove good teachers and replace them with mass-produced teachers with 6 weeks of training in test administration and little else?”

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Diane Ravitch

Diane Ravitch is Research Professor of Education at New York University and a historian of education. She serves on the board of the Core Knowledge Foundation, Common Core, the Albert Shanker Institute of the American Federation of Teachers, and Common Good. She is an honorary life trustee of the New...