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Too Much Money Being Spent on Education: Not! by John Stoffel

To every person who comments on an Indiana online newspaper article with, “We continue to throw more money at education and we aren’t getting any better results…”

I say, “I couldn’t disagree with you more.”

Millions of dollars to McGraw-Hill for an online ISTEP test is not money spent on education.

Millions more dollars for a longitudinal database to collect our children’s information and give that private information to corporate edu-businesses is not money spent on education.

Millions of dollars for contracts with Pearson and other corporations for superfluous data-collecting programs is not money spent on education.

Millions of dollars simply to build infrastructure to support Federal standards that are copyrighted and out of control of the local educators is not money spent of education.

Millions of dollars given to failing, for-profit charter schools as a bailout is not money spent on education.

Money our state representatives have recently spent for a punitive A-F system or a flawed and impossible RISE evaluation model is not money spent on education.

Perhaps your legislators are throwing more of your taxpayer money at huge corporations raking in record profits from education (which in turn are bankrolling your elected officials next campaign), but, as a classroom teacher, I assure you, your money has not been spent on education.

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Tim Slekar

Timothy D. Slekar is an associate professor of teacher education.