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NEPC Review: Teacher Evaluation 2.0 (TNTP, October 2010)

Teacher Evaluation 2.0, published by The New Teacher Project (TNTP), offers a short critique of current teacher evaluation systems, structures, and practices. It describes the current system as broken and as falling short in terms of rigor and fairness. According to the report, evaluations are infrequent, unfocused, undifferentiated, unhelpful, and inconsequential. The report proposes six design standards for transforming teacher evaluation systems: an annual process; clear, rigorous expectations; multiple measures; multiple ratings; regular feedback; and significance. While the report outlines some logical recommendations, many of the ideas and recommendations are neither new nor innovative. However, this review identifies several assumptions, emphases, and approaches in the report that weaken its usefulness to policymakers.

Document Reviewed:

Teacher Evaluation 2.0

The New Teacher Project