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Ben Kirshner

University of Colorado Boulder

Ben Kirshner is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His research examines how young people interpret their social context and learn how to exercise collective political agency, particularly around issues of education justice. In a study supported by the Spencer Foundation, Ben worked with literacy and science teachers to provide opportunities for students to discuss, investigate, and take action to dismantle educational barriers, ranging from hostile school climates to inadequate facilities. Ben is co-PI for an international study, led by Roderick Watts and funded by Atlantic Philanthropies, which examines community-based youth organizing as a vehicle for civic engagement in South Africa, Ireland, and the United States. He is also co-PI for a study of the role of community organizations in advancing the More and Better Learning Time agenda in Colorado. His publications have discussed youth civic engagement and activism, participatory action research, and urban education policy.

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