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Marisa Saunders

Brown University

Marisa Saunders is a Principal Associate at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University. Her primary areas of research focus on students’ access to college and career preparation, secondary to postsecondary transitions, and the postsecondary trajectories of underrepresented youth. Prior to joining AISR, Marisa was a senior research associate at UCLA’s Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access (IDEA) where she led a number of research projects that focused on college access and identifying promising approaches to high school education that bridge college and career preparation. She has authored a number of publications including Linked Learning: A Guide to Making High School Work, and Exploring the Educational, Labor Market, and Civic Trajectories of Young Adults who Attended Linked Learning Pathways. She is co-editor (with Jeannie Oakes) of Beyond Tracking: Multiple Pathways to College, Career, and Civic Participation published by Harvard Education Press.

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