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Standards for Qualitative (and Quantitative) Research: A Prolegomenon

Publisher: Educational Researcher, 19 (4)
Page Numbers: 2-9

The proliferation of qualitative methods in educational research has led to considerable controversy about standards for the design and conduct of research. This controversy has been playing itself out over the last several decades largely in terms of the quantitative-qualitative debate. This paper argues that framing the issue of standards in terms of quantitative-qualitative debate is misguided. The authors argue instead that the problem of standards -- for qualitative and quantitative research -- is best framed in terms of the "logics in use" associated with various research methodologies. In particular, rather than being judged in terms of qualitative versus quantitative paradigms, logics in use, which are often drawn from other academic disciplines and adapted for the purposes of educational research, are judged in terms of their success in investigating educational problems deemed important.