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Kenneth R. Howe

University of Colorado Boulder

Kenneth R. Howe is a professor in the Educational Foundations, Policy, and Practice program area, and director of the Education and the Public Interest Center at the School of Education, University of Colorado at Boulder. Professor Howe specializes in education ethics, policy, and research methodology. His most recent research has focused on school choice. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy/education (joint), and MA in philosophy and BA in philosophy from Michigan State University.

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NEPC Publications

NEPC Review: The State of State Standards 2006 (Thomas B. Fordham Institute, August 2006)

Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Michael J. Petrilli
The State of State Standards 2006

A new Fordham Institute report assigns letter grades to each state for its academic standards. A review of this report finds that the method for determining those grades is flawed.

Suggested Citation:

Howe, K. (2006). Review of "The State of State Standards 2006."  Boulder and Tempe: Education and the Public Interest Center & Education Policy Research Unit. Retrieved [date] from