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NEPC Review: The 123s of School Choice: What the Research Says About Private School Choice Programs in America, 2023 Edition (EdChoice, June 2023)

An EdChoice report is billed as an overview of the varied and often contested research on outcomes in school choice programs, which it defines narrowly as vouchers plus voucher-style programs that provide public funding for private schools. The report examines research on student achievement, access, competitive effects, and other topics, purportedly to help policymakers and parents weigh the benefits and costs of these voucher programs. It claims to show that school choice “works,” based on finding more positive than negative studies, yet uses a simplistic, flawed approach that obscures important differences in studies and can create a misleading narrative about the research evidence.

Suggested Citation: Lubienski, C. (2023). NEPC review: The 123s of school choice: What the research says about private school choice programs, 2023 edition. Boulder, CO: National Education Policy Center. Retrieved [date] from

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