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NEPC Review: Child Safety Accounts: Protecting Our Children through Parental Freedom (Heartland Institute, November 2019)

A report from the Heartland Institute argues for a Child Safety Accounts (CSA) program that makes it easier for parents with a child who feels unsafe in school to transfer to another school (be it public, private, magnet, charter, homeschool, etc.). The CSA program is a version of the education savings account programs that began in Arizona in 2011. The report does not explain how the new policy will be funded, nor does it provide criteria that must be met to access the CSA. The report also lacks any research to substantiate its policy recommendations. While the report’s discussion about school bullying and other forms of abuse is timely, it fails to provide a clear set of steps to bring about change, opting instead to simply advocate for this form of taxpayer-funded vouchers. Accordingly, it is of little use to policymakers concerned about either school safety or school choice.

Document Reviewed: