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NEPC Review: Choice and Education across the States (April 2008)

Choice and Education across the States, published by the Heartland Institute, is an advocacy document that assigns letter grades to states based on the extensiveness of each state’s school choice system. The report asserts, based on a faulty use of past research, that an increase in school choice will strengthen accountability and improve student achievement. It awards most states low grades, reflecting a desire for more school choice throughout the nation. But the report does not provide much in the way of useful information; it only offers the argument that states should increase school choice, dressed up with a letter grade for each state.

Suggested Citation:

Chi, W. (2008). Review of "Choice and Education Across the States." Boulder and Tempe: Education and the Public Interest Center & Education Policy Research Unit. Retrieved [date] from

Document Reviewed:

Choice and Education across the States

Michael Van Winkle
Heartland Institute