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Regina Umpstead

University of Louisville

Dr. Regina Umpstead, J.D., Ph.D. is a professor of educational leadership at the University of Louisville. Dr. Umpstead's research expertise centers on the intersection of law and policy with P-12 educational leadership practice, specifically seeking to ensure equity, diversity, and inclusion in policy and practice. Her research appears in several academic journals, including Educational Policy, Journal of Educational Administration, Global Education Review, West’s Education Law Reporter, Advancing Women in Leadership Journal, Journal of Education Policy, Journal of Education Law, Brigham Young University Education and Law Journal, Rutgers Journal of Law and Public Policy, Rutgers Journal of Law and Public Policy. She has also co-authored two books: How to prevent special education litigation: Eight legal lesson plans. Teacher’s College Press, and Professional responsibility for educators and the Michigan Code of Ethics (1st ed.). Omni Publishers, Inc. 

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