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Cristóbal Villalobos

Universidad Catolica

Cristóbal Villalobos received his PhD in Social Sciences at the Universidad de Chile, Santiago. He obtained a Master in Applied Economics from Alberto Hurtado University, Santiago, and Georgetown University, Washinton, DC. Additionally, he has a degree in Sociology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile. Currently, Cristóbal is an associate researcher at the Center for the Study of Policies and Practices in Education (CEPPE-UC) at Catholic University. His lines of research are educational policy, especially focused on the processes of educational segregation and inclusion. In the last years, he has worked as a researcher for the Inter-American Development Bank and for the Chilean Ministry of Education in different projects related to school choice, school financing systems and public education. In addition, he has been invited by Congress to comment on recent educational reforms.