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Barnett Berry

Center for Teaching Quality

Barnett Berry is the Founder and President of the Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ), Inc., based in Carrboro, North Carolina. Created in1999, CTQ seeks to dramatically improve student learning by advancing teaching as a 21st century, results-oriented profession.

A former high school teacher, Barnett has worked as a social scientist at the RAND Corporation, served as a senior executive with the South Carolina Department of Education, and directed an education policy center while he was a professor at the University of South Carolina. Barnett has authored numerous academic reports and many articles for the popular education press on the future of teaching and learning in 21st century schools and the importance of teacher leadership. He frequently serves in an advisory capacity to organizations committed to teaching quality, equity and social justice in America's schools. His new book,TEACHING 2030: What We Must Do for Our Students and Our Public Schools … Now and in the Future, penned with 12 expert teachers from CTQ’s Teacher Leaders Network, poses a provocative and hopeful future for the profession that makes all others possible. His areas of expertise span the education pipeline from preparing effective teachers to evaluating and rewarding teaching effectiveness.