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What Happened in New Orleans: A Response

BOULDER, CO (November 6, 2018) – In August, the National Education Policy Center newsletter published a Q&A with Tulane University professor Douglas Harris, an NEPC Fellow and the co-author of a report, The Effects of the New Orleans Schools Reforms on Student Achievement, High School Graduation, and College Outcomes. That report was published by the Education Research Alliance for New Orleans, which Harris directs. It attributed multiple positive outcomes to the market-style education reforms that followed Hurricane Katrina, the 2005 storm that devastated New Orleans.

In October, an NEPC newsletter followed up with a Q&A with Rutgers professor Bruce Baker, also an NEPC Fellow. Baker discussed his critique of the New Orleans report, which was published by the Network for Public Education.

As a response to reactions from Baker and from others, Professor Harris and his co-author, Matthew Larsen, a non-resident research fellow at the Education Research Alliance, have written a response that is now available on the NEPC website. The response focuses on four areas, including the impact of poverty and of additional funding.

Find the response from Doug Harris and Matthew Larsen, with Harris’ original Q&A beneath it, at:

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